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LEXAN ® motorcycle windshields require special care.  All Harley-Davidson® windshields are made of Lexan®.

(Point of interest:  Lexan
® windshields are more flexible and more shatter-resistant than those less-costly plastic windshields.  Plastic windshields can break into projecting shards that could cause human damage if the rider or passenger were to inadvertantly come into contact with them.)

Have you ever noticed those windshields that look as if something is scratching or flaking off on them?  Chances are, you're looking at a windshield that's been cleaned with an ammonia-based product like Windex.  Ammonia-based cleaners and Lexan
® windshields do not go together.  Windex is meant to be used on glass and glass only.

If you experience a bug explosion on your motorcycle
windshield, get an old soft terry towel, soak it up with hot water, wring it out a bit, and while it's still hot—place it on the windshield.  Leave it there for a while.  After soaking, wipe the windshield carefully, turning the towel often so that the dissolved bug splat and dirt don't scratch the windshield.  If bugs remain, after throughly rinsing all of the old debris from the towel—repeat the soaking procedure with clean hot water.

Lubbock water contains a lot of minerals and can leave deposits on your windshield.  Therefore, after soaking the windshield with a hot, wet towel (or washing your bike with Lubbock water)—be sure to clean the windshield immediately with a quality cleaner to remove any water deposits.

® Glass Cleaner is a good all-around, ammonia-free cleaner for plastic and Lexan® windshields.  Using microfiber cloths can help prevent scratches.  Always launder microfiber cloths *without* fabric softener since the fabric softener will cause the cloths to smear.  Blue paper Shop Cloths are an excellent alternative to microfiber.

At Thundering Eagle Motorsports, we use the Novus
® system to renew old, scratched windshields.  Specially formulated for plastic, Novus® products contain no ammonia, so they're safe for Lexan® windshields as well.

You can see examples of the improvement after treatment with the Novus
® system below.

Novus® treatment.  The windshield pictured above had been in storage
on this bike for several years and appeared to have some kind of overspray on it,
as well as old bugs, scratches, and a lot of dirt.

After Novus
® treatment #1 & #2.  Amazing results!

® also helps repel bugs and rain, as well as helping to prevent scratches.

® comes in four different treatment levels, from no scratches to deep scratches. 

Helmet visors can also be cleaned and treated with the Novus
® system, and it does help prevent fogging.

If you'd like us to order some Novus
® for you or you'd like a demonstration, call or come on in.

Avoid fads:  A current fad involves using Pledge furniture polish on motorcycle windshields. 

Don't do it. 

Pledge does have a tendency to build up on windshields and once that build-up gets wet, it can cause a milky mess that would be difficult to see through; you don't need that complication when riding in rain.

Also, some of the ingredients in Pledge don't play nice with plastic or Lexan
® products.